Large Parties & Events

Large Parties

If you are a party of 8 or more we do things slightly different. Our menu is best shared between diners in a manner similar to tapas, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a wealth of flavours. So to fulfil your Stuzzi experience we feed you everything on our daily changing menu which will get brought out in stages throughout the evening. Starting with Imported Italian meats, cheese and antipasti, homemade focaccia & arancini. Then on to your second round of homemade pastas and any fish, meat or vegetarian dishes that are on that day. Lastly you have the option do try an assortment of Stuzzi’s very own mouthbang desserts. Please note this menu is the same menu as all other guests will receive.

This is a set price of £35 a head including desserts. To make a large booking please call the restaurant as we require a deposit of £10 a head. We can cater for gluten and dairy intolerances, vegans and vegetarians. Please let this be known when making your booking. Requests to order individual dishes with larger parties will be politely declined.


Bank Holiday Sunday 28th August

We have all been there. You have spent hours trudging around a beautiful part of Italy, ticking off the usual MUST SEE landmarks of the area, whether its for that Instagram shot, or you have spent years imagining whether it could possibly be that beautiful in real life. Then hunger strikes, and if you are anything like us, it’s a matter of urgency. We spend hours researching where each meal is being consumed on our trips, or where possible, are guided by recommendation. But sometimes the hunger (and more often than not, thirst) overrides everything, and you find yourself in an almost zombie state trudging towards the nearest, dreaded tourist trap eatery to fill a giant hole.

Which leads us to our TOURIST TRAP MENU. A Stuzzi menu consisting of bastardised dishes found in most tourist trap eateries, no matter if its Florence, Venice or Sorrento, the menu is generally the same (how depressing), and menu items that we generally stay the hell away from. Worry not hungry traveller, for Bank Holiday, and Bank Holiday only, Stuzzi will turn these bland, much maligned dishes into mouth bangs! Look out for Spaghetti Bolognese (WHAT?!), Tiramisu (FINALLY!) & garlic bread (what’s not to like, its buttery bread, right?).